• The first high school in Coffeyville was actually located at the corner of 10th and Willow Streets, it's name ... Washington Public High School. This school opened its doors in 1907. Students were educated in this building until 1931 when Field Kindley Memorial High School opened. Wendell Willkie, an unsuccessful presidential candidate against President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940, taught as an instructor at Washington Public School in 1913 and 1914, teaching history and athletics.

    Field Kindley High School construction started in 1929, and was completed in 1931 and dedicated to the memory of Field Kindley. The building cost $400,000 to build in 1931, which is approximately $3,985,100.99 now, adjusting for inflation.

    Field Kindley has changed over the years as times have changed, but still stands strong. The courses now include offerings from the local community college - Coffeyville Community College Courses offered include those on campus as well as those offered at the College's Career and Technical Division, which is located close to the school. Partnerships with local businesses and the City of Coffeyville have allowed our students to actually participate in the workforce as part of preparing students for the future. 

    Field Kindley Memorial High School continues to change and meet the needs of all students who walk through the halls of the building.