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    Parents as Teachers is a free voluntary early learning program designed to provide practical and timely information to all families.



    All children will learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential.



    To promote the optimal early development, learning, and health of children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers.



    The Parents as Teachers curriculum is developed to support a parent's role in promoting school readiness and healthy development of children.  We embrace learning experiences that are relevant and customized for the individual needs of each family and child.



    Through Parents as Teachers, you will partner with a parent educator focused on your child's healthy growth and development.  Your parent educator will personalize information to fit with your family's needs, concerns, and goals.  Together you will discuss goals for you as a parent and for your child.



    • Personal Visits:  Parent educators share age-appropriate child development information, address parenting concerns, and engage the family in activities.
    • Group Connection:  Group connections provide opportunities, share information about parenting issues, and child development.
    • Screening:  Annual developmental, health, vision, and hearing screenings provide for early identification of developmental delays and health, vision, and hearing problems.
    • Playgroups:  Playgroups give parents and children that opportunity to join with other parents and children for a play time that provides a variety of activities that enhance all areas of development.
    • Resource Network:  Parent educators help families identify and connect with needed resources and overcome barriers to accessing services.  



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